Friday, December 18, 2009

Simple & Classy photo frames

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Four classy photo frames to put a finishing touch on that great photo. Perfect for photos displayed on blogs and websites. Divided templates show greater visual information when space is limited. Use photo frames before you upload to your Social Networking sites. Looks great on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, LinkenIn, SmugMug, MySpace, and more.

Layered Photoshop files made simple to use with guides and layer masks.
All files can be rotated 90° for either landscapes or portraits.

*Previews here not actual size.
*Watermarked for preview only.

Single - 604x413px (570x380 photo space)
Diptych - 604x795px (570x380 photo space each image)
4 Crops - 587x701px (278x335 photo space each image)
4 Photos - 870x587px (418x277 photo space each image)

Makes the job look simple and professional!

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